Learning Targets

English Activities

To help pupils to develop an ever-improving capability to use English:

l   to think and communicate;

l   to acquire, develop and apply knowledge;

l   to respond and give expression to experience;


l   and within these contexts, to develop and apply an ever-increasing understanding of how language is organized, used and learned

School-based curriculum

Through multi-sensory activities, extensive reading and language rich environment to build up students’ phonics, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Open day

Interactive recess

English Camp


Poetry Day

Unfold Story

Story Quest

Rugby English Active Learning

English Drama

Christmas Musical

Students’ Corner

Speech Festival Solo Verse Speaking Winners

English Ambassadors UFO Conference

Presentations of writing for 70th Annversary

Readers’ Theatre

PRP English Elites Acrostic Poem

PRP English Broadcasters Radio Drama

Writing for 70th Anniversary

Phonics WS

P1 Writing

P2 Writing

P3 Writing

P4 Writing

P5 Writing

P6 Writing